WE at topmotive continue to grow.

With the addition of our first in-house digital agency.

What happens when digital professionals meet digital professionals is what we showed together with the Digital Beast from Devspire at the beginning of the year: Since 2022, we have been going our way together. As the European market leader for information and catalog systems in the automotive market, we have been an established player for over 28 years, helping to shape the world of the automotive market internationally with innovative products and services. Our constant goal is to optimize and make the future of the industry, wholesalers and workshops more efficient. This also includes being open for new ideas – for all the opportunities and possibilities that arise from the digital transformation. That’s why we brought Devspire’s Digital Beasts on board our group of companies as the first in-house digital creative agency. This means we are now even better positioned for the digital future and any special solutions for our customers outside the actual catalog business.

At this point, a warm welcome once again! 

“Between us, it was just a good fit. The new colleagues have the same mindset as we do. Both on a professional and on an interpersonal level. You also talk about “cultural fit” these days, and with the team of Devspire we simply had the perfect match.” 

   – Anja Pleus, Managing Director and Owner of the TOPMOTIVE Group