Connected car – connected people.

Digital transformation is THE leading topic of our time. It opens up unprecedented opportunities in the automotive industry and the IAM. Communication between car drivers, cars and workshops is undergoing a revolution right now.

In view of this, several questions arose for us:

How do we ensure digital communication and information exchange along the entire value chain? And how do we succeed in integrating the driver and the car into this process? It was obvious to us that the challenge founded in the appropriate approach to the end consumer. Reaching the car driver requires completely new ways and means – and as the leading provider of catalog and information systems, sure that we had to start immediately.

But how did Cartelligence come about?

Since 2018, a lot at TOPMOTIVE has revolved around the in-house software solution NEXT: our self-learning catalog system for wholesalers and workshops. Thanks to the resulting proximity to customers from all sectors – wholesalers, workshops and the parts industry – we are very familiar with the concerns and requirements of our target groups. So it was only natural to use this know-how to optimize and further expand processes along the value chain.

We are particularly proud of the history of Cartelligence. Because this is the result of a joint project between our group of companies and students at HDM in Stuttgart. Under the project motto “Connected Car & Connected People”, the students at the university developed new use cases and application areas with our colleagues on the basis of NEXT. Together, we pursued the goal of bringing digitization and the connection between cardrivers and their vehicles to an unprecedented level.

In 2020, we founded the subsidiary Cartelligence GmbH and from now on develop innovative software products and services both for the players in the IAM and for the drivers themselves.

What does Cartelligence offer?

The Cardriver App

Our app provides a platform for digital and more efficient communication between workshop and car driver. The end consumer can access fully integrated services within the app, such as the workshop and vehicle search, service calculation, the chat module or the workshop calendar. With just a few clicks, car drivers can find out what the upcoming repair or next service will cost at their garage, ask questions or make an appointment directly.

The Parts Indicator

Better safe than sorry! The Parts Indicator integrated into the Cardriver App enables end customers to get an idea of their vehicle’s future repair needs based on vehicle age and mileage. Based on intelligent data analysis and evaluation, our Parts Indicator provides a repair recommendation. And refers to over 40,000,000 repair cases from the last six years in various regions.

 The Workshop Profiler

Our Workshop Profiler allows workshops to enter their operations, contact details, opening hours and services offered, including hourly rates, into the catalog system. The end consumer can view this information in the Cardriver App and thus decide on the most suitable automotive workshop in their area. The Workshop Profiler is thus the direct link between the workshop and the cardriver.

“Developing software products is one thing. Creating real added value for drivers so that they actually use the app is another one. With our team of experts ranging from automotive mechanics to data specialists, we have the necessary expertise to intelligently steer digital communication around the car and the driver in the right direction. The business model offers an enormous number of opportunities for the entire market, which we want to exploit with Cartelligence.” 

– Stefan Schneider, Vorstand TOPMOTIVE Gruppe

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