Schrauberjobs - Career platform for the automotive industry.

No more shortage of skilled workers

The shortage of skilled workers is currently one of the biggest challenges facing our economy. The automotive industry is not spared from this either. To counteract this, we decided to launch the “Schrauberjobs” portal together with social media luminaries Christian Cloppenburg and Marco ten Hagen from “Schrauberblog”. An online platform with job ads around technical and commercial professions in the automotive industry such as garages, workshop chains and the technical industry. In addition to their everyday tips and tricks, the guys thus offer their followers, now one of the largest automotive communities in Europe, further added value and help them find their dream job or the previously missing talent for their own business. The special thing about it is that the application process is very uncomplicated for both sides – without major hurdles such as long cover letters.

“When we met the guys from ‘Schrauberblog’, it was immediately clear to us that this is a perfect match. Together we can make a difference and create added value for both sides – for workshops and for automotive specialists. So we reach potential applicants exactly where they like to be anyway.”

Anja Pleus, owner and managing director of the TOPMOTIVE Group.

“We realized that we could get even more out of our original idea, an exchange platform for automotive mechanics. If we use our reach to address more than 10 million potential applicants for companies, then everyone wins in the end.” Christian Cloppenburg and Marco ten Hagen from Schrauberjobs

Here is the website: